noideawhatimcapableof asked: Shawson. In the back of the ambulance.


Perfect prompt is perfect. Yes, indeedy. ;) I hope you like it, love.

This one is getting an M-rating, to be safe.

In Which Dawson Really, Really Isn’t Worried About Getting Caught

“Gabby,” Shay groaned, struggling to get even that single word out with the way her entire body and brain were already threatening to shut down. “Gabby, we ca—oh. We can’t. Not now.”

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Complete Beca/Chloe Fanfiction List; Updated 11/14/12


*new story! indicates stories that were added since my last update (11/7): this does not count updates to chapter fics

please note: list is now in alphabetical order by author.

  • due to the large influx of them, “imagine your OTP” prompts will most likely not be included unless they are given a title. 
  • i am currently not including any fics written directly as responses to ask messages because of formatting and most of them not having titles
  • if your stories are listed here without a summary and you would like to submit one, please go to my ask box 
  • if your stories are not listed here and you want them to be, let me know
  • if you have changed your url(s) or have duplicate accounts where you post your fic (tumblr/a03/lj/, let me know

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Fic: together or not at all

Characters: Brittany P./Santana L

Rating: G

Word count: 455

Summary: Brittany meets Santana’s Abuela for the first time

Fic: I’ve been looking all over for a gal like you (Santana, Sam, Brittana)


“I’m not trying to pick up lesbians, Santana,” Sam sighs, shoving it back in his drawer. “I already have you.”
A/N: So you know how JJ and I have a ridiculous amount of Samtana bro feelings on any given day? We sort of wrote a fic together about them. We had a ridiculous amount of fun writing this; we hope you have fun reading it!

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Ficlet: Maybe Tomorrow


Pairing: Brittany/Santana

Rating: PG

Summary: She’s met with eyes as dark as firewood, but there’s something soft and warm about them, like milk chocolate. There’s olive skin and ruby lips, and long charcoal hair, and none of it puts together in her mind as someone she knows.

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Words Used to Describe Genitals


So at one point someone suggested we start a list of words used in fanfiction to describe genitals. After a particularly great Twilight fic was submitted, I decided to start that list, and Im providing what the phrase is describing. It will be updated as more words and phrases are found. And feel free to submit ones you’ve heard :3

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And We Won


It’s not until she kisses you in the hallway that you understand her true euphoria. She doesn’t kiss you in front of other people unless she absolutely can’t stand it—like at the Valentine’s Day dance, and in front of Ashley on the day you told her about the U of L scholarship, and last night in front of your parents when they picked you up at baggage claim, both of your mothers holding signs that congratulated you and your teammates on your championship win.

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Ficlet: You’re My Favorite


Title: You’re My Favorite

Pairing: Brittana

Rating: K

Word Count: 750

Summary: “And I’d totally kill the whole Glee Club for you.”  “I know.”

Author’s note: It’s 3am and my “Brittany wants to kill everyone in Glee Club” feelings just spilled out into this.

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Fic: Adventures


so kairos posting all that up!brittana stuff gave me a bunch of feelings, so i’m posting a challenge from my beta that basically involves random insane brittana adventures. this feels too cracky for, though, so it’s just gonna hang out here.

Brittana / T / ~2500 words

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